Wandlungen are a series of multiple, loosely connected paintings originating from the years 2017/2018. The sole purpose of these works is the diverse act of creation itself. If the process is free, the product is perfect, even if it is – by formal standards – highly imperfect. This is to me the one big difference between science and art. In science, the formal integrity of the result is an absolute necessity while the process of creation normally consist of failure and corrections. I invite you to take a look at the works and discover some described characteristics in the paintings. Feel free to contact me for any enquiry (mail [at] thilowellmann.de).
Previous exhibitions:
– 22. – 23. September 2018 Cologne, Germany @ EinHausVollKunst
– 15. – 17. September 2017 Cologne, Germany @ Offene Ateliers Köln 2017